Something Never Seen Or Done Before

WHY NOT BE SOMETHING ELSE? Something different? Something never seen or done before. Why limit yourself to what’s been done? Be your own new thing.

Once again that problem plagued Myron. The misunderstanding of those around him. Oh, he tried to help them understand to little avail. For they understood homogeneity, and lived in a space where that was expected and rewarded. A space where being alike was reinforced and others praised them for it. Nope, that wasn’t his path. Not the way he wanted to live.

He always though of the movie “Little Big Man” with Dustin Hoffman. Jack Crabb was a man of two worlds, Cheyenne and “civilized folk”. And there was his rival, Younger Bear, a Contrary that did everything in reverse. And the Heemaneh Little Horse, who the tribe considered a third gender.

The point being that not everyone fit into the same bucket. And some didn’t fit in any bucket. But that’s okay, for the world need those that don’t fit. The trick was to accept it in yourself, and hopefully help others understand that too. Leading to acceptance. Was that too much to ask of others? And of yourself? For we all fall into the trap of not understanding the best path of others.

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